10 Struggles We Experience While Shopping

Gone were the days when shopping requires you go get out of your house and down the aisle of a mall. With the technology these days, shopping is literally just a click away! I could be in my pajamas, tucked warmly under my blanket as I make payment for a brand new TV! It’s so much easier to shop now but with easy comes struggles too!

Here’s 10 Struggles We Experience While Online Shopping!

Give us a “YAASSSSSSSSS!!!!” every time you relate cause we know the pain!


1 – Buy Or Not?! Which One?!

The good thing about online shopping is that you have many options! The bad thing is that you also have many options! I don’t know about you but when there are so many choices, which one do you buy? HOW many should you buy? Even if money is not a problem, indecisiveness could be! Sigh…..

Because we know the struggle, Doropu attempts to solve it for you. We have decided to sell only ONE PRODUCT a day so you can choose to either buy it or not! No distractions, no extra options. Just one!!  In fact, we even prepared a monthly catalog for you to view what’ll be available throughout the month so you can pre-plan your shopping!



2 – Why No Discounts?!?!

Have you ever noticed that there will always be sales everywhere when you have little cash to spare but the moment your salary in, all the sales would have ended. It’s a CONSPIRACY, I tell you! And unless you are out at a physical shop, there is no such thing as bargaining for a cheaper price online.

Or is there??? *smirks* Because at Doropu, prices are dropping at every minute until the product is sold out! One minute it’s RM50, the next it could be RM3! If a bargain is what you’re hunting for, you’ve come to the right place!


3 – WHAT. IS. Shipping Fee?!?!?!

So, let’s say you’ve found something online that you wanna buy. You’ve already gone past the whole “what to buy” phase and you’re wayyyyy past the price bit. You’re set and ready to make payment. That’s when suddenly you see a weird little section in your checkout page!!


Oh the horror! Even more so when the shipment cost you almost as much as the product itself. Suddenly your will to live just flew out the window. What do you do now? The price has changed, it’s back to square one all over again.

Well, the good news is, no matter what you buy at Doropu, as long as you’re in Malaysia (yepppp, both Peninsular and East Malaysia), we’re shipping it out to you FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


4 – Sold out?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

You know that thing you’ve been eyeing for the longest of time? That thing you kept going back into to make sure it’s still there on the racks or to check that the e-store inventory is still high? Yeah, what if that thing is suddenly SOLD OUT when you finally saved enough just for it?!

So annoying right?! I can hear hearts shattering all over the world tonight. But that only meant that the product is super in demand because hey, we won’t deny it. You’ve got great taste!

Guess what?! We’ve got taste too!! Every product on Doropu is 100%, ALWAYS, UNCONDITIONALLY, FULLY SOLD OUT each day! But the good news here is this…. our products are all affordable. You definitely won’t need to sell a kidney to buy anything from us. In fact, why not just buy it the moment it’s up on sale at 12AM daily? In the end, you’ll still be getting the product at the lowest price anyways, might as well secure your purchase right?!


5 – We Want REBATES!!!

When I go shopping, especially to a shop that I frequently support, I’d like to think that we’ve formed a special bond. Every once in a while, I’d like to test my luck with the most well known sentence shoppers should know by heart….

“Kak/Bang…. Discount sikit boleh kah?!”

If it’s their own shop maybe you could walk away with a Ringgit or two cheaper but most likely you wouldn’t. *sulks* If rebates is what you’re looking for, Doropu has it just for you! Instant rebates available with every price drop!


6 – FREE Gifts?! Hah, Dream On…..


Now when it comes to getting something FREE, who wouldn’t want it? I don’t know about you but it always excited me a little extra when I know I am getting a freebie coming along with my purchase. Suddenly everything I went through to buy something seems a whole lot more worth it!

At Doropu, we have many partnership and collaboration with multiple of amazing brands and it is both our hearts desire to reward our supportive buyers as well as to develop a long term loving relationship with you! Often, we will be giving out a Free Gift (and if you’re lucky, sometimes it’s 2 or even 3 Freebies) with every purchase in Doropu!


Don’t believe use? Try it for yourself! Download Doropu App Now! Just click on one of the button below:-


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